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What happens to minor on probation with a warrant, and runs, until he turns 18,

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What could happen if a minor is on probation and home supervision, and goes on the run, until he turns 18. Also what could happen if he was to turn himself in, the day before he turns 18.

What if the police are trying to say, he was in a fight, and cut someone. I know that I will probably need a Lawyer, because he says, he hasn't done such a thing , and they have the wrong person. He was 17 when it supposedly happened. If he turns himself in a couple days before he turns 18, will he still be tried as a minor, or an adul,. if charge him with it ?. Also if he has taken a polygraph and passed it, me being his mother, am I allowed to obtain a copy of it ? and if so from who. Thank you all for your response.

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There is nothing magic about turning age 18 if the case began when he was a juvenile. The punishment may become more severe once he is 18, but the judge he will see will not change based on his age. As other counsel have advised, the best thing to do is retain counsel and turn oneself earlier, rather than later.


He will be taken back to the juvenile court regardless of whether or not it is a day before he turns 18, or a day after. The juvenile court will still have jurisdiction. It is better to contact his attorney, or get one, and surrender himself as soon as possible. It will be better int he long run.


Crystal balling it is very difficult for everyone. The only way to find out is to do it. But I will say this that the longer you wait the more difficult it will be for you so get it done soon.

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He will still have to deal with the juvenile court issue(s). Best thing this juvenile can do is hire himself the best locally experienced criminal defense attorney he can afford.