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What happens to me when I do a walk-in to court. I have an arrest warrant for a ticket I got the same night I went to jail.

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At the time the ticket was issued, I went to jail that same night. I then had two cases. my ticket and a criminal case. while my criminal case was going on, the civil case got set aside until my criminal case was over. it's over and I called to check on the ticket.I contacted the court to find out what happened with the ticket and the court clerk said I have a warrant out for my arrest and she said they sent a court date to the address I was staying at the time of my arrest. I now stay at home with my parents after I was released from jail and never went back to where I was staying, so I never got the letter. now I am doing a walk-in on December 8th. I'm doing really good for myself now. I'm staying out of trouble, working and following the rules of my probation, will I go back to jail?

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If I understand your scenario, you now have a bench warrant issued for your arrest, for a civil infraction, that went unresolved pending the outcome of your criminal case. Assuming this is true, as far as the civil infraction is concerned, all you will have to do is go to the court where the warrant is issued and pay all fines, costs and late fees associated with the ticket. That will act to terminate the bench warrant.

There is of course another issue to consider, given that you are on probation. Your failure to pay a ticket and subsequent bench warrant may be viewed by a probation officer as a violation of law that could trigger a probation violation. Most POs will be understanding, but you should bring this to their attention immediately. The potential outcome could be worse should they learn about it through some other means.

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