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What happens to evidence after a court trial has concluded?

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Where does the evidence finally go?

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In a criminal case, the court reporter takes custody of it and it is stored in a special area of the district clerk's office for items admitted into evidence or made a part of the record. If the evidence needs to be viewed physically by the appellate court, then an order to send it up is signed by the appellate court and that is done. If, after all the appeals are exhausted, someone (usually the DA's office or the clerk's office) has cause to believe that the evidence is no longer needed, they seek to destroy the evidence by filing a motion with the judge in whose court the case was heard.



Can a citizen or say the defendants or even victims involved get access to any of the evidence used in a trial for personal record. Example like if there was video used can anyone obtain that documentation is it free to public or is it restricted?

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