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What happens now, after fourth DUI?

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My boyfriend had three dui's that the judge ran concurrent. He gave him 18 months probation and he got pulled over again for a dui and sent to the hospital for blood work he is currently sitting in jail on a parole violation. So I guess my question is how much time could he get AND since he is on dui suspended license what level would it take for him to be charged with a dui a .02 or .08 bc the police tell me .02 and lawyers say .08

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This is extremely serious, however you have not given enought information by which a well reasoned opinion may be provided. DUIs, like other crimes, are penalized by a tier of increasing penalities. The blood alcohol level, years of previous violations, other criminal history are all important factors. You should help your boyfriend immediately hire an attorney!


Mr. Kutulakis is correct. You should hire an attorney as soon as possible.

With a BAC of .02 or higher while driving while suspended, your boyfriend can be charged under Section 1543(b)(1.1) and face a mandatory period of incarceration of AT LEAST 90 days in jail.

As to the DUI charge, the sentence will be determined by his BAC. If his BAC is between .08 and .10, he will face a MINIMUM sentence of 10 days in jail. If his BAC is between .10 and .159, he will face a MINIMUM of 90 days in jail. If his BAC is higher than .16, he will face a MINIMUM of 1 year imprisonment.

Of course, there may be defenses to the charges. Therefore, you should consult with a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.


This answer is for informational purposes only and does not imply an attorney-client relationship. You should consult with a local attorney.


I believe that without a good attorney raising solid issue(s) your boyfriend will get a stiff sentence given that he violated parole on three DUI's with a fourth DUI while still under supervision, still DUI suspended, and legally intoxicated. Run to the best lawyer you can find.
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