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What happens if your probation is revoked after 15 months of a 3 year term for Grand Larceny?

Reno, NV |

My husband violated probation and his PO is wanting his probation revoked. Does this mean he goes to jail to serve the 3 years?

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Yes, if the violation is substantial enough to warrant full revocation. Depending on the violation, sometimes the Judge will simply add conditions to his probation and reinstate him. It is not the ultimate decision of the PO. It is up to the Judge ultimately. The recommendation of the PO is usually taken into heavy account, but a strong legal argument can convince a Judge to deviate from the PO recommendation. If you have a strong preference as to what you'd like to see happen, hire private counsel to argue the revocation.


Yes, if the judge decides at the hearing he has been non-compliant.

I always warn my clients that your PO *runs your life* and if there is anyone you need to keep happy it's your PO. In the case of personality conflicts you have two choices: be humble and submit to the PO or go to prison.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.