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What happens if you miss your meeting with your probation officer and they don't respond to your messages. its been a year

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i live in Iowa and took the plea bargain my appointed lawyer offered me. i did feel pressured to take it and i said i wasn't at the time because i wanted to get on with my life. 2 months later i miss a meeting and she is on vacation for the next week. i left 3 voice mails for her and she never called me back to reschedule. its been over a year since this happened and i want to move on with my life but don't want this hanging over my head. is there something i can do

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In my experience, if a scheduled appointment is missed and the probation officer is not returning your calls, then she has probably filed a report of violation and requested a warrant for your arrest. Obviously, that is a worse case scenario. You may want to look online on Iowa Courts Online to see if your case shows that a warrant has been issued; some counties will remove the case from public view under those cirucmstances, which is a pretty good sign there is a warrant. You might contact the sheriff in that particular county and ask if there is a warrant, too. Best case scenario is that the case fell through the cracks somewhere. There has been some recent reorganization in the Department of Correctional Services Adult Probation section so you could be supervised out of another office. In any event, in order to clear this up, you may have to initiate contact. If you personally go to the office and request to speak to the PO or her supervisor, then you may want to prepare in advance to be arrested on site if there is a warrant. In that case, you may want to make arrangements with a bondsman in advance so that you can post and be released pending hearing on your probation revocation. Good luck.


Consult a local AVVO attorney.

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Usually when this happens to my clients, as noted by my colleague, the PO has already filed a violation report and warrant has been issued. You should contact an attorney in your area to discuss. Good luck.