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What happens if you lie to a judge in a family court

Taylorville, IL |

basically he said he did something that he actually didnt. and now he has to have paperwork to prove it but obviously cant. so im asking what is the worst that can happen for him lying to the judge. provided he tells him the truth

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Attorney answers 2


If it's contempt, then jail. It'll depend on which type of contempt - criminal or civil. The distinction is more technical than anything else. Criminal Contempt means the court will not allow you to purge yourself, NO MATTER WHAT. Civil Contempt allows you to purge yourself.

Both can land you in jail, but if either occur outside the presence of a judge, a hearing must be held (This is called INDIRECT civil/criminal contempt). If what brought about violating the court's written or oral order is in the court's presence, then no hearing is necessary (This is called DIRECT civil/criminal contempt).

He might want to talk to an attorney at this point.


Contempt of court citation can be serious. I suggest the person hire a lawyer.