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What happens if you have interlock violation while under probation, I have technically not started my probation, the violations

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what happens if you have interlock violation while under probation, technically I have not started my probation, my first appointment with the probation officer is this week, I have been summoned to court this week as well due t o reported violations, when I look up my case online I see the violations happened prior to sentencing but the prosecutor didn't have the records during my time of sentencing. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I am not sure I understand you question, but probation starts when you plead guilty to a crime unless you are given a jail sentence. It maybe that you had an interlock device as a condition of your bond. If the violations occurred before you plead guilty to the crime, then they should not be able to use them as part of your probation violation.

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Thank you, I have not met with the probation officer & the judge deferred my 10 days sentence/prison time, its starts in April


Were the violations while you were on pretrial bond for a DWI and before you started your probation? If so, you haven't technically violated your probation but you did violate the court's pretrial bond conditions. You need to go to court with a lawyer to try and avoid any penalty arising from the pretrial bond condition violations.

Good luck and feel free to contact me to discuss your options.


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