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What happens if you fail 2 drug tests on probation for misdemeanor DUI

Houston, TX |

went to PO and passed first 5 tests failed the 6th just took the 7th and might have failed that one too if not dilluted. what will happen? i have already completed ALL my probation requirements. 19 years old and first offense of any kind.

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it is possible the PO could violate your probation if one of the requirements is you are required to abstain from durg or alcohol use while on probation. You may want to hire yourself an attorney to represent your interest at this point. Good Luck.

P. Darrell Kimbrell


A warrant will be issued for your arrest and a motion to revoke your probation will be filed. The DA will be asking for anything within the range of punishment up to and including maximum jail time. Hire the best lawyer you can afford immediately. Feel free to contact my 24 hour number at 713-882-8826.


It is possible that your PO could file your case for violation of probation. Failing a drug test is a violation of probation. If a motion to revoke your probation is filed then a warrant for your arrest will be issued. You need to consult a lawyer to be prepared in case this happens.