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What happens if you don't appear for your Naturalization (Citizenship) Interview in NY state?

New York, NY |

I had received a letter for my citizenship interview around 25 days ago. I wasn't able to go to the interview for my personal reasons. Thus, I sent a letter to USCIS office where my interview was held stating I won't be able to come and please re-schedule my interview.

Now, my interview date has passed and they haven't replied to my letter yet. So, what happens now? My friend told me if you don't appear, they send you a letter stating you missed your interview and give you 30 days to reply back.

So, Are they going to reply back to my letter I sent for re-scheduling? or If they didn't receive it, are they going to send me a letter to reschedule my interview in 30 days? or they would simply close my case and I would have to re apply? I really don't want to reapply..

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It is possible that your letter did not get where you intended. You are required to attend ALL scheduled interviews before USCIS. I have actually seen this many times. Be advised to either seek counsel to help you, or schedule an INFOPASS appointment immediately to make sure that you have not been denied for abandonment. This situation is unfortunately quite common, and you need to be proactive at this point ; seek an INFOPASS and counsel. If you do not know how to schedule one seek counsel to assist you. If you have been denied already, then counsel can assist you with this situation. Good luck

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Thanks! But is it possible they would send me a letter stating I missed my appointment and let me reschedule it?

Geoffrey Alan Hoffman

Geoffrey Alan Hoffman


I would say you should be proactive at this point since, as you stated, the date has already passed. You may get a reschedule notice. However, I have seen too many examples of breakdowns of communication - either because the postal service did not deliver it or there was a problem w/ the way USCIS had your address or a myriad of other issues. Seek help now - don't wait. Good luck

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