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What happens if you accidentally damage property in a bar/nightclub, but are not given a summons?

Rutherford, NJ |

I gave my information to the officer and he then gave it to the club. I, however, was not given any information in return.

A bouncer assured me that I should be fine and that having the police involved was for insurance reasons.

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IIt is unclear what you are asking. If the question is can anything happen to you? The answer is yes, you could be sued by the club for the damage you caused (it's another question whether you are at fault as you said the damage was due to an accident). Also, depending on how long ago the incident ocurred, the police could still issue a summons.

Good luck.

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Nothing, unless you are sued or get a summons in the mail.


You can be sued for payment for the property damage from the bar even if you are not charged criminally.

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