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What happens if the Petitioner (me) doesn't show up for a restraining order court hearing? -WA State

Seattle, WA |

I live in WA State. I'm the petitioner and my ex is the respondant. What happens if I don't show up for the restraining order hearing and the respondant does?

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Attorney answers 3


The request for an order will be dismissed. If you want the order show up.


The answer likely depends in part on what the respondent wants. If the respondent has the necessary proofs, the respondent may be able to convince the judge to order you to pay the attorney's fees for the respondent.

Without you present to rebut whatever it is the respondent is telling the court, the respondent may get attorney's fees (if the respondent has attorney's fees).


Your petition will be dismissed and respondent, if he appears, can request attorney fees. It would be best that you appear to explain yourself to the court.