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What happens if the person if someone sues you after a car accident?

Reading, PA |

I got my friend into a car accident and now they are suing my insurance company for money because of the injuries received. How will it affect me if they are suing my insurance company?

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Correction, you are being sued and you hope your insurance coverage is in place. Is it? If it is and if the matter is covered, an attorney will be assigned to defend you, the defendant. If not, you must hire your own attorney at your own expense.


You should chat with your insurer re your policy coverage and your situation. Also, YOU may be personally sued and MAY need an attorney.

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If I understand your question correctly, you were responsible for a car wreck in which your friend was injured. YOu have been sued because of those injuries. YOur insurance company is not sued, you are (or may be) sued. Your insurance company will be covering the claim and assign you an attorney. So if you have no issues with your insurance coverage, they will take care handle the claim. From your question I am not sure you are saying a lawsuit has been filed against you. If you have not been sued and eventually if the sheriff serves you with the lawsuit, inform your insurance company immediately.
Also, you should check your auto insurance limits. If you have the minimal limits of $15K and your friends injuries are serious you may exhaust those limits and you would be personally liable for any verdict above those limits. Even in this circumstance, where you have minimal coverage, your insurance company will try to resolve the claim within your limits so that you will not be personally liable.
You ask how will this affect you. FIrst if you are sued and the claim is not immediately settled you will be assigned an attorney who will represent you in the claim and you will be required to attend a deposition and go to court if the case cannot be settled. Regardless of how the claim is resolved expect to pay more for insurance.

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Let your insurance company resolve it. That's why we have insurance


Your insurance company will represent you in the matter, as far as how it may affect you there is no way to determine at this point, but possible rate increases do occur, best of luck.

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