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What happens if the investigator adds drugs to the evidence form which was not on the original copy i received when i was arrest

Huntsville, AL |

my original evidence form i got when i was arrested did not have pot listed on the form , the copy my lawyer received from investigators had pot added to it , also the amount of drugs found was crossed out . police said they found 3 bags of meth , on the copy my lawyer recived out with a pen an was changed to 4 bags but these things i'm talking about was not on the copy i got at the time of arrest

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I think the answer really lies with what the investigators actually found. If the investigators found all of what you describe and are attributing it to you, then it's really a matter of sloppy paperwork, although, your attorney may, under the circumstances, get some mileage out of it. It also depends on whether they are now trying to say that you had more than 28 grams to make a trafficking case. If the investigators are adding to what they found attributable to you, then it's a completely different story.

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