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What happens if someone violates probation by moving out of the state?

Charlotte, NC |

My fiance is currently on probation in South Carolina for retail theft and is being held in Charlotte for violating his probation by moving out of state. He was arrested because he was driving without a liscense and now he is on hold because his PO found out that he moved out of the state in Feb. Do you think he will do time for this or be given the chance to remain on probation? I know he was behind on his supervision fees and court cost but he reported every month except Feb and was arrested on 3/14. The only reason he moved is because my job relocated me and he started back in college in January. We got engaged on Feb 14th and now this is really taking its toll. I also wanted to know if they do allow him back on probation can he transfer it to North Carolina where we currently reside

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What happens will be up to the court in South Carolina. He could be sentenced to serve up to the sentence that he was originally placed on probation for, or he could receive a less stiff penalty. He should consult with a lawyer to deal with this situation, not paying fees and leaving the state without permission could be serious infractions to the court.

I am not licensed in your area, so this response is fr informational purposes only.