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What happens if someone has committed perjury during a contempt hearing for non payment of Child Support?

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There was a Contempt Child Support hearing for my ex-husband who has not paid CS in over a year. In that hearing he claimed that he was laid off from work and that is why he hasn't paid CS, in reality he was terminated from his place of employment due to a DUI. What can I do to show the court that he committed perjury by lying to receive leniency during this contempt hearing? Also will there be any punishment for this act or just a slap on the wrist? I do have his termination papers from his previous place of employment which I received thru a subpoena.

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Truthfully? Nothing. Perjury is a criminal matter, and it is exceedingly rare to see anyone actually prosecuted for it. You could have impeached his testimony with evidence he was lying, but it sounds like that didn't happen.

If you believe the lie affected the court's decision, you could file a motion for a new trial, but these are rarely granted. You would need to demonstrate that you have new evidence - which means evidence you could not have obtained before the original trial.



We have a new hearing coming up. Should I file that he committed perjury so they will see he lied about it in the next status update hearing? Also I thought filing would help show our PC that he is a compulsive liar since he lies to her as well.

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