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What happens if my car is uninsured and involved in an accident but i was not the driver, but the driver had insurance?

Cincinnati, OH |

driver of my uninsured car got ticket but driver has a sr22 bond

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you should be okay. the drivers insurance should cover the accident. I always recommend that you have insurance.Your car, however, will not be covered unless it is the other persons fault.

This is a general answer and is not to be considered specific legal advise.


Driver's insurance should cover


As long as the driver of your vehicle was operating it with your permission, his insurance should cover. For your own safety and that of other drivers, you need to get insurance ASAP. FYI, the State of Ohio can suspend your license if you are found to own an uninsured vehicle. Best wishes.


So long as the driver of your car had insurancw and assuming he/she was at fault for the accident, you should be ok. As others have said, i encourage you to insurance ASAP. So many bad things can happen when you do not have auto insurance. When you insure your car, also be sure to obtain uninsured motorist coverage. It is relatively inexpensive and provides protection for you and your family.