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What happens if I settled with my spouse and signed agreement but he neither sent a copy to my lawyer or sent it to the court?

Kilgore, TX |

I signed a settlement paper at my ex-husband office 20 days ago and he said it will be sent to my lawyer and to the judge to be signed and we are done with the divorce to a final decree then the property division,now my lawyer say i got no settlement paper from his lawyer and nothing sent to the judge to be signed i texted him he say my lawyer is slow but i don't believe that and feel he is dragging it because he don't want me to get my money ,what should i do ?

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You should work with your lawyer. That is what you are paying him/her to help you with.



what if my lawyer is not cooperative enough ?


Always retain a copy of anything you sign. Please contact your (ex?) husband to obtain a copy and bring it to an attorney for advice on finalizing your divorce.


If there is a signed, settlement agreement that states the agreement is irrevocable you need to obtain a copy and move forward with finalizing your divorce. A properly executed settlement agreement can be used to prove up the terms of a divorce prior to the Final Decree of Divorce being entered with the court. Contact your lawyer and request that he/she obtain a signed copy from your spouse's lawyer.

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