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What happens if I settled a car accident and my lawyer did not pay off my medical bills?

North Las Vegas, NV |

My attorney let my statue of limitations run out on my car accident. I decided to still let him settle it. he says he did not get any compensation from the settlement but I am having doubts about this since he did not pay of any of my medical bills. What should I do?

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You are liable for your medical bills regardless of what your lawyer did. You should talk to a legal malpractice lawyer. Ther is no excuse for a lawyer letting the statute run out on a valid claim, which I assume you had.

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If you lawyer blew the statute, you'd have a legal malpractice claim, thus, search Avvo's "find a lawyer" for a malpractice lawyer in your city, and get representation. Good luck.

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Go see a legal malpractice lawyer. If you are in Las Vegas, call my office and I can provide you a couple of phone numbers.