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What happens if I refuse to answer request for interrogatories?

Frederick, MD |

I am divorced and answered interrogatories and performed everything else asked of me leading up to the divorce.

My ex has filed a petition for contempt of court (the most recent development in a long and vicious litigious assault) and I received another request for interrogatories which seems designed solely to create more havoc. It says "Pursuant to Rule 2-421, you are requested to answer the following interrogatories within 30 days or within the time otherwise required by court order or by the Maryland Rules ... In accordance with Rule 2-421(b), your response shall set for the interrogatory...."

What are these rules, and am I required to respond? There is no court order that I am aware of, and our divorce has been final for almost a year. What happens if I just ignore this?

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If you ignore interrogatories, the other side can move for summary judgment against you and win. Its always best to fill them out and send them back, but its also best to see a lawyer about it since they may be duplicative and you might be able to quash them if your attorney moves quickly enough. In short, answer the questions.

Good luck.


If you do not respond, it could very well come back and bite you. What you described, I think, are supplemental questions following up on your responses to the first set of questions. Respond to them.


If the interrogatories are not seeking additional information relevant to the case, your attorney will know how to move to quash them. On the other hand, if you're litigating a contested divorce on your own, you're likely to have trouble.

The one thing you should NOT do, as the previous commenters have suggested, is ignore the interrogatories. That will only lead you into trouble.