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What happens if I plead not guilty to a dui - in Hillsborough county - but need a public defender is it still a traffic case?

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It is not just a traffic case, it is a first degree misdemeanor, a criminal case. The public defender can be appointed for you. The best case scenario is that the case is dropped by the state attorney.

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Well if you cant afford an attorney then you will be appointed a public defender. If you can afford an attorney or perhaps a payment plan, it would be worth it to get an attorney that practices DUI defense such as myself. I have an office near the courthouse, along with my other colleagues you can find on avvo. You may have some defenses to your DUI, seeing that you passed the breathalyzer, there shouldnt have been a urine test. Contact a few attorneys on monday and go from there. if you are in poverty then a public defender will be appointed to you at your next court appearance.


It is a CRIMINAL TRAFFIC case, which means you can be incarcerated in the local jail. Your best case scenario is an experienced criminal defense attorney getting the case dismissed or you are found not guilty at trial.
DUI's are surprisingly a very complex area of criminal law. Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced DUI attorney to represent you on this

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Don't speculate, hire an attorney to protect your future.

A DUI will remain on your record for the rest of your life. A first offense carries a minimum punishment of six-month drivers license suspension and up to six months in jail, and a year of probation with community service hours, heavy fines and court costs, counseling sessions, vehicle impoundment, and victim impact panels!

You sound like you have a good case. How is anyone going to prove what you had in your system impaired you if a metabolite shows up which could've been there for over 30 days?

A good cross examiner can definitely fight and win this case for you. Do not plead guilty without consulting one or two good DUI lawyers in your area. Free consultations and payment plans are available. Take advantage of that now.

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