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What happens if I miss a court date for a traffic ticket?

Le Mars, IA |

What happens if I cannot make the court date on a traffic ticket? I was told by the court office that if I was unable to make it, that I would need to plead guilty and then file an appeal.
I am not pleading guilty, because I was insured when stopped, just unable to find my insurance card.
Well. i missed my court date. Now my license will be suspended.
Any advice?

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Unfortunately, when a person misses a court date for a traffic ticket, a warrant is issued for their arrest.
When you miss a court date, the court also adds another ticket called "failure to appear." This adds another expensive fine, then the court adds a "warrant fee" as well. This all sounds like very bad news, but if you hire a lawyer to take care of it, the lawyer may be able to get the "failure to appear" dismissed, especially when you prove that you had insurance when you were issued the citation. You can probably hire a lawyer's services for less than you may think.
Good luck!


Don't despair that you missed your court date! You should call a traffic ticket lawyer and request prices to help you with your ticket. Do this as soon as possible, since there is nothing the Court hates more than being ignored. If I were doing your ticket for you in Texas, it would not cost you much. Hiring a lawyer is your insurance policy that things will not go wrong at court and end up making a mountain out of your mole hill. Good luck!
Janice Miles, Attorney at Law
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San Antonio, TX
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