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What happens if I'm late to a court appearance.

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I have a court appearance tomorrow at 8:00 am but I have to go to work at that time can I call before and ask If I can show up at another time... What happens I I show up late?

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Can you work put you in jail? If not go to court.

Robert Driessen

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I'm not aware of any court that will allow you to put work ahead of them. Don't disrespect the court by telling them that work is more important than them.

Some courts will allow you to request for an extension online. Check out your ticket and see if you are eligible to go online to request such an extension.

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In a case where the appearance is for an infraction speeding ticket in traffic court, one should take a look at the ticket to see if there is a phone number to call to reschedule. The problem is that many traffic courts are overwhelmed with calls and people showing up that you may not be able to get through to request a continuance. If the case is called and you are not there on time, then there is a good chance that it will result in a failure to appear, which alone will have consequences on driving privileges in California. A failure to appear will result in a suspension of driving privileges so you should make it to court....otherwise, you may be in a situation where you won't be able to lawfully drive, additional charges for failure to appear, more fines, and an inability to drive to work until you clear up the ticket, fines, and failure to appear. Show up and take care of the ticket whether you challenge it or not because later, it will take a lot more on time or close to it!