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What happens if I'm expected to fly my 17 year old to visit his father but I cannot afford the airfare?

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Court case is Kendall County IL, we moved to Utah. Both parents agreed to the move. Son is 17, father has a court order that I pay to fly him home but I cannot afford the last minute airfares, what will they do if I can't send him?

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so why did you wait until the last minute?

you could be held in contempt. you could be ordered to pay his fees. you could be ordered to provide make up visits. you could have the funds withdrawn from the child support.

go get the money or put it on a credit card and send him.


I agree with Attorney Schlesinger. In some sense, the hard part is over--that is, that both parents agreed to the move to Utah. Perhaps there might be an additional agreement regarding this travel, however, every effort should be made to comply with the court order so as to avoid future problems. Was the order for the travel so recent that there was no time to book the travel in advance? The modification of the court order for travel however would entail another trip to Illinois to appear before the judge that issued the order, so the most economical step would seem to be flying the son to Illinois...

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The obvious is to have the dad pay in lieu of a portion of your child support. Or borrow the money. You were allowed to move based on your agreement to pay. It is not last minute. You knew this.

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