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What happens if i lie on a domestic violence??

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My husband and i got into an argument i got so mad because he confess he cheated, i threw things at him and he was just trying to leave and i wanted an explanation, so he just kept trying to get me out the way, when he left i called the cops and i told him he hit me, now i feel so bad they are chargin him with 3 felonies, false imprisonment, assault, and botterly armed, i told the police officer he tried to hit me with a beer bottle and try to hit me with the close fist, i feel so bad we have kids together and will hate for them not to see their dad again, what would happen to me if i tell them i lie?? help pls

what happens to me if i tell the truth??? would i go to Jail?

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For starters, it's a crime to file a false police report. Two, you husband really needs an attorney in order to protect his rights, and go over what really happened, and to make sure he doesnt get wrongly convicted.

With that being said, the problem with DV cases is that often times people make false reports out of anger, while other's make true reports and later say they made it up because they realize the consequences. Either way, officers cannot pick and chose which reports are true or false, in order to protect the victim.

Your husband really needs a qualified attorney to protect his rights. Make an appointment with local counsel, as consultations are typically free, and see what the attorney can do for you.

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