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What happens if i dont pay my subway fare evasion on time?

Norwalk, CA |

on december the 5th i went to the metro greenline bought a ticket with my cousin and got on the train, heading to our destination. when we got off we were asked for our ticket. we gave it to them only to have them pull us to the side, and tell us we needed tap cards. be aware this was the 1st time we ever got on the train. anyways they asked us for our id's and information. my cousin who is only 15 gave it to them and i gave them my id. because she a minor they put down my address but her phone number. she had a court date but never recieved a call like she was suppose to. and we also misplaced the tickets. we found them today (27th of december) a day after our 21 days. what will happen if i pay today? will a warrant for my arrest be placed? will my fare evasion ticket go up?

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Your question is a little bit confusing to me. You said you blew your 21 day deadline. Does that mean you did not appear in court on the day your citation said you needed to appear?

If that's the case, then a bench warrant may have been placed. You may have lost a chance at having the bench officer (the judge) offer you a reduced fine. However, it is absolutely in your best interest right now, to go to the courthouse and appear in front of a judge. The longer you wait, the more the ticket will go up, and the more serious the consequences. You may need to make some phone calls to figure out what courthouse to go to. If you still have the citation, you need to go to the courthouse taht's checked off on it. You can go before 8:30am to talk to a clerk and get put on calendar; or you can hire an attorney and have them work on the case for you.

Either way, it's really important that you get to court ASAP.

Good luck.



No i didnt blow it, i lost my fare evasion ticket and just barely found it. and i just had to pay it, either by mail or online. I never had a court appearance


Do a walk in at the courthouse and explain yourself to the judge-