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What happens if I dont pay my fines for my DUI

Aberdeen, MD |
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Sentencing to probation generally involves various other requirements, including fines or surcharges... any failure to live up to those obligations also may end up in a violation of the terms of your probation and could result in a sentence of imprisonment. i would suggest contacting a local attorney immediately and secure a defense for your next appearance


I practice law in Montgomery County Maryland. If you have been found guilty and placed on probation, you must pay your fine as a condition of probation. Sometimes, the Judge will even specify when you must have paid your fines. If you don't pay your fine on time, you will be in violation of probation. The probation department will notify the Judge and you will be summonsed to court. Sometimes you will be arrested instead and brought before the court instead of being given a summons. A hearing date will be set and the probation officer will testify to prove the violation. If the Judge determines that you intentionally violated probation, he can sentence you to the maximum fine and or jail time that was originally authorized in your case. For example, if you were found guilty of a DUI, the maximum jail time for a first time DUI without aggravating conditions is one year in jail. If the judge placed you on probation and ordered you to pay a $500.00 fine, and you failed to pay the fine completely, the Judge could sentence you to up to a year in jail. This is something of a simplification because there are other things the Judge can do, such as extending probation to give you time to pay if he finds that the only reason you did not pay was because you lost your job. However, if you fail to pay your fine, you should prepare yourself to face the jail time that was originally authorized.

If you are having problems meeting your obligation to pay a fine, you should contact an attorney now. Your attorney may be able to get you an extension of time to pay the fine if your financial situation has changed drastically since the date that you were sentenced.

This is a general answer, somewhat simplified, and it is not legal advice. Contact an attorney now. I wish you well.

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