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What happens if i don't renew my vehicle registration in Fl?

Orlando, FL |

My car is now un-drivable as the engine is toast. I'm going to cancel my insurance because I am also now un-employed and I can't afford to renew the registration either. I would like to keep the car in my driveway until I can afford to get it fixed. Will I be subject to any fees or fines by not having a license plate on it (as I have to turn it in I believe) I am the sole owner and I do have the title.

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Many counties and cities have provisions in their codes of ordinances that prohibit citizens from leaving an unlicensed and unregistered vehicle parked out in the open. You may want to review the code of ordinances for the City of Orlando (or one of the other local municipalities) or Orange County, depending upon where you live and see if there is such a prohibition against having unlicensed, inoperable or junk vehicles sitting out in the open on your property. If there is such a prohibition, you may be subject to code enforcement action, which is a civil matter, and be subject to daily fines if you're found guilty of a code violation after a hearing. Probably the best thing to do is keep the car in your garage or other enclosed space until you can get it fixed.

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