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What happens if I don't give her my SSN now that I have my green card and I made a verbal agreement with her.

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I worked on a farm for 4 months with a work permit as student, I did not have a SSN by that time. the owner of the farm made an agreement with me that I could work for her under the table. she just took my alien card number as student which now its not valid because I have a new one with my green card. I never singed papers or nothing, we made a verbal deal . she paid me with checks under her company's name and I cashed them in a account that it does not exist any more. now she comes asking me for my social security number to do my paper work . she did not pay me more than $2000 dollars in that period. can she harm me if I dont give her my SSN? can she report my name to IRS saying that I did not report that taxes not having my SSN?

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Your agreement with her was obviously not legal so she cannot enforce it. However she certainly can report you to the IRS and CIS if your employment was not authorized.

The above is intended only as general information, and does not constitute legal advice. You must speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case.



thanks for answering , yes i had my work permit as student legally.


I agree with my colleague. There is nothing that would prevent her from reporting your employment (even under whatever number you already provided) to the IRS or immigration authorities. Also, you may want to check with a tax professional to understand whether you need to declare your income and/or file income tax. Your "A number" doesn't expire.

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