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What happens if i can't pay my probation fees for the first month?

San Antonio, TX |

i got charged with theft 50-500$ recently and was sentenced to 6 months of deferred ajudication.i have to pay 145.50$ per month, but as i am currently unemployed (but looking), i can't pay the first month. what should i do?

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Your question is not clear as to whether the amount is for fine, court costs, probation fees, or restitution, so I will give you a general answer. You may ask the judge to waive your fine and court cost and probation fees if you are indigent or otherwise unable to pay. Any restitution is probably the only thing they will not waive. Of course the probation fee is probably the most important thing to the probation department/officer.

I recommend you continue to report and document your attempts to seek employment. Ask your probation officer what they recommend. If they are not helpful, you may be able to go to court without a lawyer and petition the court directly, or ask to have the public defender speak for you.

You can also ask for an extension on probation without reporting fees to give you more time to pay. Hope this is helpful. I am in Dallas or I would help you. Brian Gray.


In addition to the suggestions above, I always advise my clients to pay something even if they cannot pay the full amount. If all you can afford to pay is $20, then I would advise you to pay that. Doing so helps demonstrate that you are taking the responsibility seriously and that you are paying all that you can. It is a mistake to say i don't have the full amount, therefore, I cant pay anything. I have seen more than one Judge then queston a defendant about their expenses and then wonder why the money spent on cigarettes or eating out or cell phones could not have been paid to the debt owed for the court fees and restitution. There is usually not a good answer. Keep looking for work and documenting those efforts and good luck!