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What happens if I can't find my fathers will? I know he has one but not sure where it is placed.

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My father had a will drafted almost 10 years ago, but we can't seem to find it.

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If a Will cannot be located to probate, then you are faced with intestate administration or possibly one of the special probate alternatives if certain criteria are met. Feel free to contact me if you need additional assistance.
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Try to go through his papers again. Also, examine his check register to see if there are any checks made to his attorney. If so you can contact him and perhaps he may have the will.
Also, talk with his accountant, since he may have recommended the attorney or knows the attorney your father used.
Finally, see if he has a safe deposit box with any bank he may have dealt with as the will may be in the box.

Hope this helps.

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While not a common practice today -- many lawyers used to file their client's wills with the county clerk for safekeeping. While your checking everywhere else, make a call to the county clerk in which your father would have drafted his will and inquire if he has a will on file. Depending on the county, you often you can do this research online.

Best of luck,

Randall Perrier