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What happens if I am NOT making prob. payments but my officer finds out I just got a penile enhancement? Will I be violated??

Pompano Beach, FL |
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If you are spending your money on something that is not related to probation and you are violated for failure to pay, what you spent your money on had better be necessary. If the procedure you obtained was not medically necessary, your failure to pay may be considered willful and therefore cause a violation by the Court.


You can be if you are not making probation payments because you are spending your money on non-necessary items. However, maybe this was a medical necessity? Awkward.

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If you elect to stop making probation payments and instead spend your money on something seen as a luxury item, like a boat, then the penalty could be stiff indeed. Since Viagra, and other quality-of-life drugs are usually covered by Medicare, I think the argument could be made that this was a necessary medical procedure and no different than spending money on, say, Zoloft.

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