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What happens if a police investigator has a personal connection to someone he is investigating?

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A friend of mine was telling me about an investigation from while ago and it made me wonder, what happens if an investigator is investigating a crime and it turns out what of his friends or even someone at his church turns out to be one of the witnesses? Do we all just expect that he will approach the investigation without any biases? How would a conflict of interest like that work? Could the defense point out the personal connection during trial?

whoops i mean what if one of his friends turns out to be a suspect

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All information that is taken in, is filtered through our biases and preconceived notions. Sometimes, when an investigator has a connection as you describe, they will voluntarily abstain from working the case because their own biases. But, sometimes they choose not to, at which point it is up to defense counsel to address that issue.