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What happens if a minor does not complete court ordered community service in illinois

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You will most likely will have to go to court to show cause for why you didn't complete the community service. At that point the judge may give you detention days or a fin in lieu of the community service, and may add additional penalties. I would contact the court an see if they will let you complete your community service, or if you have to show up in court. You don't want to get yourself in to more trouble.


Depends on which County in which he pled guilty.

It also depends on the Judge, prosecutor and numerous other factors.

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The county and the judge make all the difference. Hire a lawyer to get all the details and options.


The state can file a petition based on the juvenile's failure to comply with the court order; if found guilty of violating the order (wheteher it was probation or supervision), the court can re-sentence the junvenile and impose any sentence that could have been imposed on the original charge. You should contact an attorney, preferably one experienced in juvenile delinquency matters.

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