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What happens if a court order is violated? What should I do for refused time.

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My ex and I have a court ordered agreement that I have my children from 8am Sunday to 5pm Monday. My daughter plays soccer and my ex has stated in front of the judge that she would cover all cost and take her to this events even on my time (I sometimes can not afford to take her to tournaments 3 hours away and lodging, I do have other children) I agreed with this so my daughter will be allowed to play. There is a tournament this weekend and my ex will be taking her. I told her since my son is not on the team, nor anything realted to it, that he should still be with me on my time. She refused. I did not agree to any other arrangement regarding him. I still want to spend time with my son and have him spend time with his other siblings. I believe this is a violation of our court agreement.

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Try to work out a better visitation day with her if you can. Keep a record of how the exchanges go, visitations she interrupts, etc.

You have the right to have the order enforced. Show up as indicated in your order. If she refuses to let you spend your time with your children, do not have a confrontation. Wait peacefully in your car. Call the police to enforce the order. Have the order ready for the police when they arrive.

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