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What happens if a child commits a crime and isn't found out until an adult?

Baton Rouge, LA |

Say if a kid commuted a robbery crime and wasn't found out until she was 18. Would she be tried as adult or juvenile? If she was convicted what prison does she go to? (What crimes are usually tried as adult if you are a minor and u commits such crimes?) Is it the prosecutor that decides or the judge to try a kid as an adult?( what If the kid was charged with possession of child pornography?) can they charge her as an adult for that in Louisiana or California? what would be the statuelimitation of that?

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Many of the answers to your questions depend on the answers to your other questions, so it is difficult or impossible to correctly answer them without all the correct information about what has happened and for who and for what legal situation you seek advice. Generally if the delinquency (crime) occurred while the person was under age, the jurisdiction for the case lies in the juvenile court, however certain offenses can be directly filed in adult court even if the child was under 18, but say was already 16 years of age. Also many juvenile courts can transfer or waive the case to adult court under certain circumstances. Now for child pornography, you must keep in mind the crime concerns possession so possession while being under 18 may belong in juvenile court but continued possession into adulthood makes those crimes adult crimes or perhaps even federal crimes. Your question fails to state what connection the offenses have to Louisiana and California so again there is missing information needed to help answer your question(s).