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What happens if i helped people steal from my job, and i confessed to loss prevention and the police i did it. & It was over 5k

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Ive been good all my life, the main reason why i let this happend it was because i felt pressured. I confessed to the cop in front of his camara that i mest up. How can a lawyer help in the best way possible? However the cop never told me my rights, he just told me it was my choice to talk and explain to him what had happend.

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There is Avery fine line between a custodial interrogation (in which the law requires an officer to read you your rights), and an investigative detention (in which they do not). What complicates your situation is if you made a separate statement to the LPO before the police arrived. If you did so, that statement is likely admissible.

As far as what will happen will depend on your criminal history (you say you have none which works in your favor), your role in the scheme, the prosecutor, your employer's position on the matter, and the judge.

Bottom line: you need a good lawyer to help minimize the damage to your future.

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I agree with Mr. Vinas.

I have both prosecuted and defended employee theft. All the things Mr. Vinas touches on and more can influence the outcome.

Best place to start is hiring a good criminal defense lawyer. A five thousand dollar theft is a felony.

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