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What happens at move out when no walk threw was given?

Renton, WA |

Moved into a place and the landlord never did a walk threw. What is going to happen at move out? Worried about problems that was already here when moved in. Spoke to landlord about these problems but she did not want to write them down.

Any information will help. Thank you!

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The landlord will not be able to hold your deposit. However, you will still be responsible for damages that you cause during the tenancy. Always put your concerns to the landlord in writing. Keep a copy of whatever you give the landlord.


You can (and should) create your own walk-through checklist. You should especially note the things that were there when you moved in, and take pictures. Under the RLTA, all notices have to be in writing. If something is wrong, your landlord has no obligation to take any action unless and until you tell them in writing. You can call of course, but always back it up with a letter.

It is true that the landlord cannot take a deposit without a walk through checklist. So sometimes they don't take a deposit, but you are setting yourself up for a difficult move-out if you don't write down the condition of everything now. And don't be polite and don't gloss over problems.

Elizabeth Powell

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