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What happens at a Motion for Commitment hearing when the defendant does not come to court? He never shows up!

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BTW, this has nothing to do with a mental is for incarceration! This is on the heels of being granted my Motion for Contempt. However, my 'ex' doesn't show up at the hearings and now he has moved and I don't know his current address. He defaulted on some issues in our MSA as well as he is $68,000 in arrears for alimony. I just don't know what to expect when he doesn't show up for the commitment hearing and now I don't even know his current address. Can a Judge order his license to be suspended.....something has to get his attention before he will come out of hiding!

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There will probably be an arrest warrant issued, or a writ of bodily attachment, and when he gets picked up, he will have to go in front of the judge. It is important for you to continue to try to find out where he is, and to stay in touch with your attorney's office with any new information.

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It is possible the Judge will issue a Capias for his arrest. Good luck.

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It really depends on the judge, unless you ask for some specific type of relief. You might consider retaining an attorney to push the matter more aggressively. Especially when he owes that much money!
Good luck!

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