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What happens at a guardianship hearing.........are we put on the witness stand?

Fountain Valley, CA |

my sons ex girlfriends mother is petitioning for guardianship........she has an attorney, we don't.........she has stated false declarations.......abuse,........etc.,

there is no proof of course, we love our little 4 year old........ self representation can we question people? do witnessess come? i don't know what to expect........

the truth will prevail hopefully

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Attorney answers 1


If this is a "contested" hearing (which it is from your description) and the other side has a lawyer, you are extremely foolish not to have your own lawyer if you want to win. You have no idea how to question people in the format that the court requires, and the lawyer will run rings around you. This isn't Judge Judy. Find a competent family law lawyer (even though this is in probate court, a family law lawyer will know how to help you in this kind of situation) as soon as possible and do what you need to do to protect your grandchild.

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