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What happens at a case management conference?

Denville, NJ |
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Your attorney and the prosecutor will conference the case and the prosecutor may make an offer through your attorney to dispose of your case. Generally speaking in NJ, DWI cases are not plea bargained so at the conference issues of discovery and pretrial motions will be discussed between the lawyers and the judge.

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A “Case Management Conference” (aka a “Pre-Trial Conference) is scheduled by some New Jersey Municipal Courts following the arraignment, and before the Trial. The Court will address with defense counsel and the prosecutor whether all discovery (e.g. police reports, videotapes, expert reports, and names of witnesses) has been exchanged, whether any pre-trial motions will be filed (and set down a time by which the motions should be filed and responded to), and a schedule a suitable trial date. The prosecutor might offer to resolve the case with a guilty plea, although as my colleague pointed out, there is no plea bargaining allowed for DWI charges in New Jersey. Each case is fact, procedurally, and defense specific. Therefore, you should speak with your lawyer to discuss what you should “expect to happen.”


I agree with both of my colleagues. In addition to what they describe any issues arising in the case that could alter the disposition will usually be discussed as well. Sometimes your attorney for tactical reasons will not reveal his strategy but other times this conference can be used to settle how these issues will effect a case. For instance an error in the 7110 documents could be shown. The prosecutor might say that he needs an experts report on this issue. I you get one he may concede the results do not get into evidence and that can change the entire landscape of the case etc. Good luck and happy Holidays.


The case management conference is the time when the court confirms your plea [usually not guilty], and whether you are retaining counsel, applying for the public defender, or representing yourself. At this conference [CMC], the court will usually sign an Order that sets forth the time deadlines as to when each side is to exchange discovery. A trial date is also set forth on the CMC Order.

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