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What happens after you were caught shoplifting at walmart

Wayne, PA |

I was caught shoplifting at walmart for less than $25. I know stupid on my part. LP took me to their room and took my id and they wrote down my info down. They said since it was my first offense they would not prosecute me or nor the cops will be called. I was not banned either. I was let go.That's all they said to me. I didn't sign any paperwork. They didn't mention any letter or civil demands will be mailed but I assume it will be sent? Will it go against my record for employment?

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If you are employed at Walmart I would assume so. If no other action is being taken against you, I would figure it to be highly unlikely.

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On the facts here, I agree with Mr. Reed.

If the Police were not called, then it's unlikely that there will be criminal charges filed against you. And since it appears no criminal charges were filed, there would be no criminal record for employment purposes.

Likewise, if they recovered the goods, undamaged, it's unlikely that any civil suit will be filed against you.

As a practical (non-legal) matter, you should steer clear of that store, though. It's likely that you may be on their internal security "blacklist."

Note: This response is for educational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. i am not your lawyer.

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