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What happens after you get caught shoplifting at kohls?

West Hartford, CT |

I'm sixteen and I got caught shoplifting at a kolhs in Ct. I stole a bra worth less then 20 dollars. The LP people said that since we were compliant they weren't going to call the police but we will receive a letter in the mail in 2-3 weeks. What exactly is going to happen? How much will the fine be? I've been looking around and people are saying they can fine you 10 times the amount? I am really sorry for what I have done and it was my first and it will be my last offense.

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When you receive the civil demand letter in the mail it will explain your options. Take it to a lawyer for review if you do not understand.

The amounts of the civil demand letters vary widely. Until you see the cost, there is no reason to fret. This is not a criminal matter and that is good.

It is very wise that you have decided not to offend the civil laws again. That is a good lesson for you.

Good luck to you.

God bless. Best of luck to you.

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You say you're 16 so if/when you receive a letter its advisable to with your parents review the letter and if warranted consult with an attorney.

In Connecticut a merchant has a statutory right to pursue theft in civil court (as opposed to criminally) and seek damages (see, Conn. Gen. St. Sec. 52-564a). However, because this law specifically requires the person to be eighteen or older the merchant may once it realizes your age decide not to pursue the matter.

If a merchant pursues civil action using Conn. Gen. St. Sec. 52-564a, it's entitled to the retail value of the merchandise taken (if not recovered or recovered in an unmerchantable condition) plus the actual and reasonable costs of maintaining the action, including court costs and a reasonable attorney's fee, plus punitive damages in an amount not to exceed three hundred dollars.

Should the merchant instead decide to request criminal charges be pursued, because the goods were valued less than $250, then 53a-125b - Larceny Sixth, Class C Misdemeanor would likely be charged. If the case was not sent to juvenile court (because of your age) it might be eligible to heard at Hartford Community Court. In either case you should consult an attorney before entering a plea to see if the case can be dismissed / nolled upon completion of community service and/or payment of restitution, which would prevent a future criminal record.

As you've stated it'll be you last offense it appears you've learned a valuable lesson. Good luck.

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