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What happens after the first hearing to a child custody case- Los angles Calif-

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I went to our first custody hearing and the judge ordered a temp joint custody until our next hearing- We already went to mediation and there was no agreement- During our court hearing the judge did not seem to have read all the declaration as I would think due to his violent behavior and being unemployed and he would have left the custoday to me as he did before this hearing at the ex party hearing) The court asked that a OSC be done and to come back- The father is unemplyed and wants joint custody - What is going to hapeen next.

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All orders, prior to a Final Judgment are temporary orders. Unless the Judge ordered you back, nothing will happen automatically. If you have been ordered back for a review hearing, the Judge is probably going to want to know how things are going, i.e. has visitation taken place, was Father on time, is Father now employed. If the Court told you to file another OSC, then you must do that to make any changes. Just not sure what the Judge ordered based on your question

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yes we are to return for a status hearing- Can I still bring up the issues of his violent behavior - I am afriad that his attorney is going to request a 2-2-5-5 visitation plan and I don't want our child in that enviroment


You could benefit from hiring an attorney before the next hearing. Many people these days are unemployed, so I am not sure what you are suggesting by mentioning that fact. The Courts cannot consider disparity in incomes when awarding custody - in fact it would be a reason to award more support. Hopefully you have a record to refer to regarding the violent behavior. Other than this, I am with previous counsel - a little confused where you are procedurally without a further conversation. For further information and to set up a free initial consultation, visit

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