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What happens after pre-trial conference if there is no agreement

Arvada, CO |

im being charged with theft 500-1000 a felony ,and i was wondering what happens after a pre-trial conference if there is no agreement and do i have time to get a lawyer after the conference the DA gave me an extension at the last conference and i was unable to attain a lawyer or public defender at that time what would be the best way to go about this situation ?

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Not practicing in Colorado, I can only answer generally. Generally, if no agreement (or plea bargain) is reached at an initial pre-trial conference, the case will be set for a preliminary hearing. Prior to that time, you should have enough time to hire an attorney. You need to be looking for an attorney right now...asking if them this question and getting them to quote you fee.


In your question, you don't mention how many court appearances and/or continuances you have had. It factors in to the answer to some degree.

While it is possible to get another continuance to obtain an attorney, the worst likely situation you would face is to receive what is known in Colorado as an "Arguello" advisement which means that the judge will set your case for trial. If you don't obtain legal representation prior to your trial date, the judge will find that you have waived your right to have an attorney represent you.

This is a dangerous plan unless you immediately seek an attorney. If you fail to obtain representation quickly, you may end up losing certain procedural rights for failing to ask for certain things in a timely manner.

Best advice, get an attorney as soon as you can.