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What happens after I pay a civil demand letter; will they leave me alone?

Houston, TX |

I stole $30 worth of items at walmart which i'm NOT proud of.. first time & never again! Anywho, they said they let me slide, no cops were called, I didnt have to sign any paper work, but they did tell me I was going to recieve a "civil demand letter" I havent recieved it yet but how much do you think it would be.. & will they leave me alone after I pay it?

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If the store has their merchandize back, you have no moral obligation to enrich them. Not every attorney agrees, but most attorneys here on AVVO would say you shoud ignore the civil demand letter. Any action under the civil demand letter cannot result in a criminal conviction. If they sue you in court for money, you can pay or consult an attorney - anything but ignore the suit. The letter is not a lawsuit.

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