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What happens after an ex-parte hearing for temporary orders in WA?

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I had my hearing last week and was awarded spousal maintenance to be done via the WA support registry and received a judgement of 5000 for attorney fees. How do I collect these?
How long does it usually take to start receiving payments via the wage garnishment? Do I need to do anything? I just have the orders signed from the Judge. Do I need to contact the registry or will the courts handle this? Thank you

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If you were awarded attorney fees, then that money should go to your attorney to handle this stuff for you. The orders signed by the Judge need to be in the Court file at the Courthouse.

And if the ex parte hearing was you requesting a TRO, then the next step is that your ex has to be served with a copy of the orders and the supporting documents so he knows when and where to show up for the return hearing for the more permanent order. Most are entered for one year, some for longer.

It is really unusual for there to be an order to pay maintenance through the registry without a child support order. TIt is immensely unusual for a ex parte commissioner to award fees related to a dissolution in a DV hearing. There are lots of good family law attorneys in Seattle. If you hire one, even on an "unbundled" basis, they can review your documents and get things sorted out for you. Elizabeth Powell

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For some reason this question is showing on the domestic violence list. I recommend you follow Ms. Powell's advice.
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This is a family law issue. Not domestic violence even though I assume that was the problem between the two of you. Good luck to you and re post this just in the family law realm.