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What happens after a person has been arrested for family domestic violence and let out on a150 dollar bail?

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There were pictures taken of the bruises at the police station with the victim being choked ( with marks left around the neck area) Victim went to hospital and has documentation. What will be the punishment of the person that did this?
Will the victim be notified of the court date.

Is there a certain amount of time before the victim is contacted. The only way I get information on this is by my calling and I still cannot find records to where he was arrested.

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With the choking you described, it is likely that the DA will present the case to the grand jury for possible indictment as a felony assault of a family member. The actual punishment cannot be predicted at this stage, if ever. The DA's office has their own policy on when they will contact and/or subpoena you to give testimony. As a courtesy, it's common for the victim to be notified by the DA's office. You could probably contact Victim's Assistance at your DA's office and ask them how and when they might contact you. Good luck.


I would agree, the police department will more than likely file it with the District Attorney once their investigation is complete. An assault family violence with choking can be filed as a Class A misdemeanor which carries a punishment range of 0-365 days in County Jail and a fine not to exceed $4000.00. However, if it is filed as a felony depending on the degree the results could mean prison time. The least being 2 years if it is filed as a 3rd degree and as much as 10 years. I would imagine that this decision would be made by the ADA based upon the level of bruising, the medical reports, and the victim's statement. The victim in family violence cases is usually contacted by the ADA or the investigator with the ADA's office who will keep them up to speed on the status of the case.

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