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What happenes if you violate a felony probation that was a drug charge with another drug charge 30days after being released?

Riverdale, GA |

My friend was just released from jail on a 12mos do 6 sentence for harrassing phone calls. Prior to this charge two months earlier he was sentenced to 5yr felony probation. He has only been out of jail for 1month and has a new drug charge. He made bond. What will happen when he goes to answer for this new charge?

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he needs to hire a lawyer because he is going to be looking at a probation revocation charge for being arrested on a new drug charge while being on probation for a drug charge...feel free to contact me should you need further advice or counsel. With regards,

P. Darrell Kimbrell

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Your friend has a number of problems and needs to get an attorney. First, each of the new charges could be the basis for revoking his 5 year probation on the felony charge. Second, the new charge has a higher risk of jail time because many prosecutors will say "why give him probation when he just got in trouble after a few months the last time he got probation." An attorney may be able to work out an alternative.