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What forms do I need to complete to file for and get divorced in Maryland without using an attorney? What is the filing process?

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Have been separated 4 yrs. but don't have a separation agreement. Divorce will be uncontested. We've already divided property & money; kids are grown. We sold our home before we separated - split the profits - since then have each purchased our own house. Each of us will waive entitlement to the other's retirement money. I started filling out some documents online but they require a lot of financial information (etc) that doesn't seem necessary given our circumstances. Are there basic documents I can use that require minimal information? Can you provide these forms to me for Maryland? Can you explain the filing process?

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You can do it yourself. All of the forms are available at along with guides on how to use them. Start by filling out a complaint and a case information report. Then you'll file in the circuit court in the county where you live. you'll then serve the other party with the complaint, and they can answer etc.

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I don't practice in Maryland, but usually taking a trip to the courthouse and just asking the information desk or the clerk basic questions will get you started. Check if there is a guidebook available to you which will also help you through the process and understand it. Good luck!

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